South Laguna California - 1948. View from Paradise Cove looking north toward Laguna Beach.

My lovely wife Karen and I had the great fortune of living here at Paradise Cove for 27 years. We lived in a small wooden cottage hidden by the Cypress trees seen on the right, and for a few years moved into an even smaller cottage right on the cliff edge (seen below),before moving back into our lovely little original home. In 1994, I moved my growing family to a larger home one beach south in Three Arch Bay, but I will always remember the idyllic beach cottage days at Paradise Cove.


Youth is wasted on the young...

My home for many years on the cliffs of Paradise Cove. Neighbors were nonexistent. I spent nearly all of my time bodysurfing the now famous spectacular wave below. The beach was private until the late 1970's so we had it nearly all to ourselves. Today, the beach is now open to the public and unfortunately the wave has been overrun by hoards of aggressive teenagers on boogie boards fighting each other for ...heck, I don't know...ego fulfillment, territorial claims, whatever. They seem clueless to the beauty around them and unappreciative of the gift from Mother Ocean. Sigh..............

Now, occasionally I walk down to watch the wave and remember the wonderful years of youth, while the surfers look at me like I'm some old inland geek crashing into their "territory". If they only knew what they will never know.


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