Where were these pictures taken?

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Phyllis Haver with Gloria Swanson. This might be Gloria's first film appearence, as the history books say she worked for Mack Sennett just once, then moved on to other studios. Miss Haver was also under contract with Sennett, but for many years in a row, from 1912-1920, so I'm pretty sure that this was probably a Mack Sennett movie.

The small chunk of visible rock in the upper left sure looks like somewhere around here, especially the way the crack is formed.
It might be anywhere amongst the coves. Don't be fooled by the sand...it might have been put there for the shot. It could be solid rock just a few inches down.

Did Gloria Swanson's film debut happen in Three Arch Bay? No one in the world knows. But YOU can be be the one to tell us!

Can you find this rock?





Again we see Gloria Swanson ("Love your boots!") sitting down on a rock at a place that looks suspiciously like the cliffs of Three Arch Bay.

Above her ( second from the left) is Phyllis Haver again, the happy gent is Chester Conklin, and the rest unknown.

Can you locate these rocks?




It's Phyllis Haver again....But where?

Notice the many smaller boulders surounding the very distinctively marked rock she's sitting on. A great clue!

Do you recognise the long low rocks in the distance?

It also appears as though there are cliffs in the far distance.

It's a mystery!

This rock looks kind of like a typical South Laguna rock geologically, (and the girls look like typical South Laguna beauties), but I have no idea where this might be. It might even be on a beach north of Los Angeles for All I know.

Could this be a rock in the coves north or south of Three Arch Bay? Karen tells me that there were supposedly many movies made in the Arch Beach area, so maybe there?

Any clues?



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