I first went to Sedona Arizona in 1959. I remember the overwhelming silence and empty vistas of the surrounding rose tinted canyons. The tiny village was quiet and mostly empty, except for a couple of old dogs, some Navajo's, and a few sun-baked old cowboys.

Returning for vacation a few years ago, Karen and I were saddened to see the catastrophic commercial changes this little village was suffering. The tourist industry now ruled the area, with stores selling trinkets and crystals to the ever increasing crowds. Tour operators packed the gullible into busses and pink jeeps, to noisily blast off into the canyons in search of "Energy Vortex's".

The ancient Pueblo sites and ceremonial 'kivas' were crumbling under the onslaught of their intrusions.

Originally I had intended to draw money, jeeps, crystals, tourists and stuff being sucked into the vortex, but that seemed too mean-spirited. I decided to draw a more universal look at the real "Energy Vortex" in this universe, the dance of love between man and woman.


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