LightHeaded Graphics, Laguna Beach Ca.
Lightheaded Graphics
Lightheaded Graphics

A Random Image of the artwork of Steve Turnbull


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Three Arch Bay

Three Arch Bay

Huge Waterspouts, Fiery Comets, Firefighting Goats, Sea Monsters and Movie Stars all await your eyes. See where Errol Flynn dueled to the death in "Captain Blood", where monster 25 foot waves smash against rocky cliffs, where goats are the local firefighters, and where the home of Light-headed.com is located! See the unique and colorful history of one of California's most lovely beach communities.

Historical photos of Laguna Beach,
Dana Point, San Clemente and SJC

Great old photos of the beaches and towns of South Orange County California.

South Laguna in History

Some never before seen photos of our town from a vanished past.

Historic Three Arch Bay Postcards

A fascinating look back through time at the beautiful and historic neighborhood of Three Arch Bay.


The Great Laguna Beach Fire of 1993

A personal story of the exact moment that fear arrived.

Laguna Woman

Laguna Woman

Meet the very FIRST American in history!

Get the full official story of "Laguna Woman", discovered in Laguna Beach in 1933 by my late father-in-law, Howard Wilson. Read the official documents and newspaper articles on the most important archeological find in American history.

Waterspouts off of the Orange County California Coast

The magnificent phenomena known as Waterspouts visit the coast of Southern California nearly every year. See some of them captured on film from the coastal community of Three Arch Bay.


Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Art

My favorite art medium!

3D Worlds

3D Graphics

Early attempts


Captain Frederick D. Turnbull, USN

My father passed away recently. Shot down in the Pacific, he survived to tell his tale.

Read the story of a real man.